How it Works

What is Pick a Toy Argentina?

It is an online store of educational toys RENTAL for children from 6 months to 3 years. Our children will always be enthusiastic about their toys and we as parents help responsible consumption.

Why Rent them?


The enthusiasm of the children with their toys, and the interest in them lasts for a certain time, and their toys later become obsolete after the passage of time.

A new alternative and trend is to rent toys.

With our Pick A Toy packs, from $ 1300 pesos per month you may rent 3 or more toys that you choose, with free shipping within Federal Capital Federal

Once the hiring period is over, you have different options:
a) Renew the same pack that you have in your house;
b) Hire a new pack;
c) Renew part of the pack and return the rest


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