Gift Card

Give a Pick a Toy Argentina pack as a present, so they can use it whenever they want!

When you purchase a Gift Card, you are not giving away a toy, you are giving away many toys at once!

When buying a Gift Card, we will send it by mail to the email address that the buyer wants, either he himself, or the receiving parent.

IMPORTANT: Remember that for free shipping, the address where the toys are received must be in Capital Federal . Any other location is not free shipping and you should include it in the final amount. Gift Cards are not refundable.

Gift Cards can only be paid through Deposit or Bank Transfer. The coupon code sent via email can be used once the payment has been credited.

Complete the form with the data and we will contact you via email within 24 hours.

    Customer Information (person who purchase de Gift Card)

    Receiving parent / Guardian Information

    Select de Pack to give as a gift

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