About us

Pick a Toy Argentina is a revolutionary online toy rental store, that offers the best quality in educational toys, delivering them right to your door.

Our mission

The mission in Pick a Toy Argentina is to be the leaders in providing babies and children with excellent quality, safe, educational toys according to their age, so that they learn through the game, they are surprised and have fun.

In addition, part of the philosophy of Pick a Toy Argentina is responsible consumption, not accumulating toys in disuse in homes. That is why, at Pick a Toy Argentina, we are the first to set the example, and once our small customers have played a lot with our toys, we donated them to children who need them.

About us

Pick a Toy Argentina arises from our daily life, in the year 2017. We are mothers of family, and we know that the enthusiasm of our children with their toys lasts a period of time, that they grow fast and that their abilities change, and those toys later pass to be stored in a closet. We also know the space they occupy and the prices of excellent quality toys.

That is what led us to think that it would be optimal if we could have them for a while, while our children are interested in these toys, being an economic solution, without accumulating and without having to pay excessive prices.

That is how Pick a Toy Argentina was born, thinking of other families that had these same concerns.

In addition, we rely on professionals from different areas with solid experience to advise us adding value to Pick a Toy Argentina.

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